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18 –Years old Rani Kumari Mandal, an inhabitant of Kaudena -2,Phulaparasi is the daughter of Badari Mandal & Nayan Kumari Mandal. The settlement lies in the remote area of Sarlahi district where people’s only source of income is agriculture, daily, wage labor, and foreign employment. Badari Mandal & Nayan Kumari Mandal used to cultivate vegetables in her land. Badari Mandal & Mrs. Mandal have a total of 7 members of the family including Rani.


Intervention and Support:

Empowering a new generation of Adolescent Girls through education (ENGAGE) in Malangwa municipality run by Prerana Organization funded by UK AID with the technical assistance of VSO NEPAL and HI, this project started its intervention by initiating its baseline survey which focuses on the marginalized, poor and children with disability of age group 10-19.

Rani is nominated as a primary actor because of the marginalized community and got enrolled in Laliguras ‘B’ bridge class.  Because of her regular attendance, her learning achievement was quick, and was also a hard working student.

Because of the poor economic condition, several siblings, and a Mandal (Tribes) community where they still do not prioritize to send their daughters to study, she could not choose study rather she chose livelihood skill training which agriculture is.

Rani interested in cultivating vegetables in a modern way.

Outcome and Positive Change:

Rani’s mother & father went to work as laborers, and it was difficult for the Rani to final time to study. Rani convinced her parents about the negative effects of child marriage as child marriage is a common practice in the Mandal community. The learning sharing meeting of the parental group has nightly affected this marriage is a common practice in the Mandal committee. The learning sharing meeting is a common parental group that has highly affected this marriage where, parents were informed how child marriage affects sexual & reproductive health, as well as mental health.

Rani’s mother remembered all the detailed information & different laws & provisions of the Nepal government provided by the ENGAGE project & she started asking her daughter about livelihood training with community mobilizer to help of PSS, Rani decided to vegetable farming. After 7 days of training on vegetable farming, she started farming in a modern way. Rani cultivates radish, greens, potato, garlic, onion, cauliflower & Lamb. She used to go to the nearest market & sell vegetables.

She earns about 300/400 rupees every day.

Rani, “ I would like to thank Big sister, C.M. ( Sonam Sah ) , NVS ENGAGE project’s P.C. & P.O. sir/ madam for their lovely training & grant support as per my wish. 


Badari Mandal, “Our family is very happy to development see their daughter. I would like to thank the ENGAGE project for providing this happiness.”

Written by –Sonam Sah (CM)

English translation by- Pooja Rgami (VSO Nepal  NV Sign)

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