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Development of ​​Educating daughters in the Muslim community

By February 2, 2022March 30th, 2022No Comments

13-year-old Ashiyana Khatun who belongs to a poor family, lives in Malangwa -6 Khutauna is the eldest daughter of Md. Muskat Ansari and Najo Khatun. She has a joint family of 13 members including 4 sisters, a brother, grandmother, uncle, aunt, and their son and a daughter. Due to the poor economic condition, her father and Uncle went abroad for income. She helps her mother and aunt at home to take care of household chores and siblings.  Because of the combined family, it was hard to have two meals in a day. It was a long way to study at school because of the stereotypical tradition of the Muslim community to not send their daughters to study.

Intervention and Support:

Empowering a new generation of Adolescent Girls through education (ENGAGE) in Malangwa municipality run by Prerana Organization funded by UK AID with the technical assistance of VSO NEPAL and HI, this project started its intervention by initiating its baseline survey which focuses on the marginalized, poor and children with disability of age group 10-19, where they studied bridge class for 9 months which aims to provide formal education to the children with the age group of 10-14 and vocational training to the age group of 15-19 who are not interested to study to make them self-independent.

Ashiyana also enrolled in the bridge class with the help of a community volunteer and started attending regular classes. Due to the regular attendance, her learning achievement was quick, and scored good marks in exam of bridge class. Meanwhile, parents play a big role to teach their children so, this project also provides awareness-raising training to the parents of primary actors on gender violence, child marriage, and the importance of education, etc.

Outcome and Positive Change:

As a result, her parents were encouraged to send their child to the school where she was doing great in bridge class. She enrolled in school and continued remedial classes as well. Because of the global pandemic, the annual examination was not held but she scored 2nd place out of 50 students as per the evaluation of class and half-yearly examination. She has become an exemplary girl in her village.

Ashiana’s parents are very happy to see this result. According to them, they are ready to teach as much as she wants. Understanding the importance of education, 4 youngest daughters have been enrolled in the school. They would like to thanks to the organization for seeing the progress of the daughter.


Written by –Anu Kumari Singh (CM)

English translation by- Pooja Rgami (VSO Nepal  NV Sign)

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